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NIGGER mighty happy w’en he layin’ by con—
    Dat sun’s a slantin’;
Nigger mighty happy w’en he year do dinnor-ho’n—
    Dat sun’s a slantin’;
En he mo’ happy still w’on do night draws on—
    Dat sun’s a slantin’;
Dat sun’s a slantin’ dos oz sho’s you bo’n!
En it’s rise up, Primus! fetch anuddor yell:
Dat ole dun cow’s dos a shakin’ up ’or bell,
En do frogs chunin’ up ’fo’ do jew done fell:
Good-night, Mr. Kilidee! I wish you mighty well!
—Mr. Kilidee! I wish you mighty well!
—I wish you mighty well!

Do co’n ’ll be ready ’g’inst dumplin day—
    Dat sun’s a slantin’;
But nigger gottor watch, en stick, en stay—
    Dat sun’s a slantin’;
Same ezdo boo-martin watchin’ un do jay-—
    Dat sun’s a slantin’;
Datsun’s a slantin’ en a slippin’ away!
Don it’s rise up, Primus! on gin it t’urn strong;
Do cow’s gwino home wid dor ding-dang-dong—
Sling in anuddor teteh or do ole-time song:
Good-night, Mr. Whipperwill! don’t stay long!
—Mr. Whipperwill! don’t stay long!
—Don’t stay long!

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