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HI my rinktum! Black gal sweet,
Same like goodies w’at do w’ito folks oat;
Ho my Riley! don’t you tako’n tell ’or name,
En den of sumpin’ happen you won’t ketch do blame;
Hi my rinktum! bettor tako’n hide yo’ plum;
Joree don’t holler eve’y time he fine a wum.
Den it’s hi my rinktum!
Don’t git no udder man;
En it’s ho my Riley!
Fetch out Miss Dilsey Ann!

Ho my Riley! Yaller gal fine;
She may be yone but she oughter be mine!
Hi my rinktum! Lemme git by,
En see w’at she mean by de cut or dat eye!
Ho my Riley! bettor shot dat do’—
Do w’ite folks ’ll bloovo we or t’arin up do flo’.

Den it’s ho my Riley!
Come a siftin’ up ter me!
En it’s hi my rinktum!
Dis do way tor twis’ yo’ knee!

Hi my rinktum! Ain’t do eas’ gittin’ red?
Do squinch owl shiver like he wanter go ter bed;
Ho my Riley! but do gals en do boys,
Des now gittin’ so doy kin sorter make a noise.
Hi my rinktum! lot do yallor gal lone;
Niggors don’t hankerarter sody in do pone.
Den it’s hi my rinktum!
Better try anudder plan;
An’ it’s ho my Riley!
Trot out Miss Dilsey Ann!

Ho my Riley! In do happy Chrismus’ time
Do niggers shake der cloze a huntin’ for a dime.
Hi my rinktum! En den dey shake der feet,
En greaze derse’f wid de good ham meat.
Ho my Riley! dey oat en dey cram,
En bimoby ole Miss ’ll be a sendin’ out de dram.
Don it’s ho my Riley!
You hear dat, Sam!
En it’s hi my rinktum!
Be a sendin’ out do dram!

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